Bonvità Verde

Milan, Italy

To introduce new product to the market, after research and analysis in every part: survey, SWOT, the consumption, customer behavior and trends, We found out the problem that existing in Italian market: Soya milk and vegan milk are so strange to people, they don’t know about its benefits and they don’t know how to use it. The challenges also in Italian mindset, they are not really open and easy to accept new products. To solve these problems, We choose B2P (business to people) because B2P is effective for both businesses and consumers - so much so that some businesses may no longer observe the B2B/B2C distinction and just take a single B2P approach widespread.

Firstly, we developed characteristics for the brand. According us, this step is very important because brands, much like humans, have certain personality traits. The personification of a brand that evokes certain emotions in customers is what builds brand equity. We used Archetypes in branding toolkit by Margaret P. Hartwell & Joshua C. Chen to figure out differentiation, cultural insight, future vision for Bontà Verde.

Second, we built the mood board that was related to the brand personalization. This step brought the feeling of the brand to all audiences. Then we designed brand identity, brand image, packaging and advertisings… Third, we developed e-commercial and social network. The website will be e-commercial for B2C & B2B which has all useful information about company and products, also it has interactive game to inspire consumers using the product in completed ways.

Beside, I created the social network for people. This platform will run by people, groups and companies. It helps people learn from each other how to live healthier and happier, it helps companies advertise their new products, it provides a community which helps people closer together through meaningful events and activities; and of course it brings to Parmalat big database, new statistical trends in consumer behavior and income from partners and companies.

Bonvità Verde